Why You Need a College Consultant

The College Search is hard for students and parents to negotiate the college search; the search itself is incredibly complicated. Without guidance, it would be almost impossible to find the right set of colleges or universities to consider.

Matching –  programs, facilities, and opportunities with the candidate’s aspirations is hard enough, but considerations of cost and the likelihood of winning admission make the search truly challenging.

Thoughtful planning –Winning admission demands thoughtful planning, in some cases beginning as early as the freshman or sophomore year in high school. The ambitious student has to worry about the choice of courses, preparation for standardized testing, effective use of extra-curricular commitments, and the proper use of valuable time during vacations and breaks.

Details –With the arrival of the senior year, there are a thousand details to consider in preparing and completing applications. For many students, the process of presenting oneself to best advantage is a daunting challenge. A personal statement is hardly a straightforward assignment; it isn’t easy for a high school senior to write a college essay that most effectively represents a significant aspect of the student’s character or experience.

Decisions –Finally, the end of the senior year brings the decisions the colleges have made, leaving the senior and family to consider the best options, make difficult decisions about enrollment, and plan for the transition to the college experience.

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