Where Do Olympians Go To College?

Let’s just start with Stanford. Stanford has had an Olympian in the games since the 4th Olympiad, the 1908 Olympics in London, and a Stanford graduate on the medal stand in every Olympics since first winning a medal in 1914.  Up to the start of this Olympic cycle in Rio, Stanford athletes had won a total[…]


“Quirky” May Be Your Best Chance

Look, every article about cadging some slight advantage in the dog-eat-dog world of highly competitive college admissions seems to argue that the path to acceptance calls for academic perfection, seasoned with just the right (and credible) pinch of sacrifice in the service of others, leavened by accounts of gritty resilience, expressed in compelling and original[…]



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Is College Admission Fair?

Fair to whom? Fair to under-represented populations from impoverished educational background no matter their cultural background? Fair to hard-working students who have not been accorded the best experiences money can buy? Fair to ambitious students who belong to groups constituting the great majority of applicants? The truth is that college admission has never been fair.[…]