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Find great colleges that are just right for you Take charge of the process early in the college search Present the best application possible Write a dynamic college essay Make a great final decision

About Peter Arango

Finding the right college match is one of the most significant challenges any student or family will ever face.

Highly regarded professional college counselor, Peter Arango brings specialized knowledge of the college search, college admissions, and finally finding the right match. Consultant to more than fifty colleges, schools, and school systems, Peter Arango has worked with students and families around the world. Author of several college guides (America’s Best Kept College Secrets), Peter Arango is nationally known for helping students prepare to write the college essay.

  • Detailed assessments of colleges and universities

    Comprehensive knowledge of opportunities available throughout the ntion.

  • Extensive guidance in preparing for college admission

    Course selection, test preparation, effective engagement in extra-curricular commitments

  • Expert advice on completing the college application

    Keeping track of details, advice on choosing an effective personal statement, managing recommendations and supplementary information

  • Comprehensive advice on making the final college decision

    Evaluating the best enrollment decision, planning the transition to college life, consideration of alternate opportunities


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